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The ClearWater Mountain personal
drinking straw is the most innovative water purification system device available today.  It removes 99.9% of water-borne waste and bacteria utilizing a unique filtration system, and it effectively creates fresh water  instantly and safely for you and your family.

The ClearWater Mountain Straw: 
Features and Life Saving Benefits
1. Guaranteed to filter up to 1000 gallons
2. Removes – 99.9% of waterborne waste and bacteria
3. Removes Parasites, and other hazardous materials in water 
4. Only 4 oz weight, durable and can easily carried in a knapsack
5. Operates as simple as “Sipping Through a Straw”
7. Can be used anywhere in the world
8. Easy to clean and reuse- it has specially  designed caps that lock top and bottom.
The ClearWater Mountain 
personal drinking straw provides 
water scavenging capability and fulfils a critical need of sustainability in any situation where clean water is needed!  

As campers and climbers, we know that water is weight!  At only 3.5 oz. we created this filter to be light, durable, with an ease of operation and portability, to go anywhere you like, the desert, mountains, or any terrain where it is sometimes hard to locate clean drinking water.

The ClearWater Mountain straw, protects
against poisons and all possible infectious
materials, and is guaranteed to last for up to 1000 gallons of extracted water.

There are over a thousand different   contaminants known to scientists, here are just some of the contaminants we address: 
   pathogenic parasitic organisms
   traces of human waste
   E. coli, mercury and vinyl chloride
   perchloroethylene, or PCE
  • Arsenic • cadmium, chromium and lead
   Bugs, sand, dirt, and organic materials 
For more information contact us at Straw@AFIUSAGroup.com
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